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Even readers who loved the book couldn't buy copies for friends without their gift coming with an insulting suggestion that the recipient was a dummy.

It appeared that certain "basic humanity" topics didn't translate so well into this iconic "how to" series of our time. I'd guess Parenting For Dummies also wasn't a serious baby shower gift as often as its quality probably merited. In my book's case, it appeared that spiritual folks didn't want to read a book that called them a negative word. In fact, Spirituality For Dummies explained why it is better to think of oneself in a positive way, but also invites readers to have a sense of humor and a sense of humility to realize that, when it comes to the infinite dance of Universal Existance, we are all dummies. It is refreshing to note that when I’d mention the book title to spiritually absorbed priests, ministers, monks or swamis, their response would almost universally be, "That's the book for me!"

For years, I’ve asked Wiley to offer this book as a free gift download, because my goal in writing it was to help uplift and improve our world that can sure use some good wisdom and teachings right now, including inspiring quotes by great ones from all traditions.





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