A sampling of comments from people who agree that Suze Orman should be in prison for financial fraud crimes, after watching clear evidence in this citizen journalism documentary film:

SCAMMED! An exposé about much more than just Suze Orman

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A comedy, tragedy, and IQ test all in one


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An exposé about much more than just Suze Orman


From Fraudulent FICO Fables to Corporate Cons, How Suze Orman and Her Crooked Cabal Manipulated the Media, Plundered the Poor, Stole from the Middle Class,  Damaged the United States Economy, and Hijacked a Political Party


January 2017:

Suze Orman and her corrupt political lobbyists have just convinced the Army, with at least one documented bribe of a top Army official, to push Orman's infomercials, disempowerment rhetoric, and bad advice on all of our military personnel, in a ploy that could put tens of millions of dollars into Orman's bulging coffers directly from the pockets of our troops. This, after Orman's financial fraud crimes have already been exposed and she has already been dropped from CNBC, QVC, O Magazine, and other media outlets.

We have added a webpage that exposes this dark web of lies that will cause serious damage to our military, our country, and the world -- please share the link.

Go to: "How Suze Orman SCAMMED the United States Army"