How Suze Orman
SCAMMED the World (2016)

A comedy, tragedy, and IQ test all in one

mark twain


How many con artists are allowed to blast through the media landscape, telling blatantly false lies and getting some of the top journalists, politicians and media figures in the United States to knowingly or unknowingly lie to the public on their behalf, protected by some of the same political lobbyists and media brokers who have all but destroyed the integrity of our media and political discourse?

This book and film offer a stunning study of the kind of dishonest media and political webs that have corrupted our society, fooled the public, rigged the system, and damaged our world. It is truly a lesson for humanity. College courses are welcome to use this material for class studies, including topics involving psychology, media manipulation, and criminal justice.

Because this work is a public service, and because the cabal behind Suze Orman is also behind many other elements damaging today's media, economic, and political systems, we are offering the book and documentary film for free. If you'd prefer to have the physical or Kindle book, or a DVD of the film for classroom or other use, they are available on


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How Suze Orman
SCAMMED the World (2016)

A comedy, tragedy, and IQ test all in one

(the main cabal section begins at 42 minutes in)


Harry Markopolos, the whistle-blower who uncovered Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme ten years before the rest of the world learned of the biggest financial crime in history, published his account in the 2010 book, No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller. As you will see from the evidence in this book and the companion documentary film, con artist Suze Orman’s schemes rival Madoff’s in breadth, if not depth.

Markopolos explained that he had to step forward about what he could clearly see was an illegal scheme, because no one else, including the Securities Exchange Commission, had shown any interest, even after he alerted them with evidence of what was going on.

I know the feeling. One cannot just stand by silently when a shyster is stealing, lying, scamming the public, and causing damage to the United States’ economy. That’s why a nice spiritual author like me has had to take time and energy from more positive projects to alert and educate the world about the “Suze Orman problem.”

While Madoff’s scheme stole mostly from the wealthy, Orman’s victims have been poor and middle class citizens who were simply trying to be responsible and learn from a widely proclaimed financial “guru,” “expert,” and “wizard,” who is actually a con artist and actress supported by ghostwriters, behind-the-scenes experts, and some of the most powerful publicists, political lobbyists, damage control specialists, banks, corporations, and media figures of our time, including Oprah Winfrey, who has pushed Suze Orman on the world for nearly twenty years.

Talk about stacking the decks against people who either couldn’t afford a real financial advisor, or who were convinced by Orman to avoid those “crooked advisors” altogether and “look in the mirror” to find their best financial advisor—using her books, kits, and corporate-sponsored deceptive headlines as guides, of course.

I invite investigative and financial journalists and government agencies entrusted with protecting the public good to use this research and the points made to take the matter from here and bring justice and restitution to the many who were victimized by Orman's prepaid debit card fraud, gold rush scam, FICO deceptions, newsletter scheme, and other emphatically delivered corporate sponsored bad advice that caused many to lose their hard-earned money and their homes while Orman's bloated pockets became more and more engorged with kickback payments, improper fees, and more.

Here is part of "The Orman Cabal" (coined by CNN's Chris Cuomo) that has plundered the poor, protected corporations from proper regulations and taxes, used the media to push false headlines, and likely hijacked the 2016 election. Hilary Rosen is a close friend of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and is a master media manipulator, political lobbyist, and dirty strategist who has helped Suze Orman defraud and steal from the poor and middle class.



These online pages contain earlier, loose assemblies of the research in progress
that you'll find in a fuller, more organized format in the new book.
This article from the Financial Times' Advisor IQ summarizes many points from our film



Click here to go directly to the March 2016 update about Orman's fake "Money Wars" show and new scams and shams


Read more comments from viewers who saw the film and saw through these scams


Click these links to go to a specific section of the film:

1. Introduction, why I felt obliged to produce this film

2.  Examples of Orman’s behavioral problems

3. Why many who followed Suze Orman's bad advice lost their homes

4. Suze Orman’s Gold Rush “Pump and Dump” scheme that filled her pockets and caused those who listened to her to lose their shirts and their retirement savings (plus her Money Navigator newsletter scandal that landed Orman's partner in hot water with the SEC while scamming Suze laughed her way to the bank)

5. How a waitress who has never taken a single finance-related college course got in a position to cause so much damage

6. How Oprah Winfrey turned my mistake of helping Orman onto the public stage into a social and economic disaster

7. Orman’s "Approved" prepaid debit card scam: Watch as her blatant fraud is hosted by some of today’s most popular television shows (the longest section, since this scheme is so well-documented)

8. Orman’s unholy alliance with Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) and "Approved" card co-conspirator, TransUnion

9. How Orman’s bad press is covered up by Orman’s protectors, including political lobbyist and BP Oil Spill publicist Hilary Rosen

10. Orman’s University of Phoenix shenanigans and Senator Elizabeth Warren's surprising complicity in what Chris Cuomo rightly calls, “The Orman Cabal”



The Hilary Rosen, SKDK, and Chris Cuomo coined, "Orman Cabal,"
Which is Also the DNC, Brazile, Wasserman-Schultz Cabal

Related article: Hilary Rosen: The most dangerous person in today's politics and media?


I first discovered how much the so-called democratic lobbyist who is a major spokesperson and (often dirty) strategist for Hillary Clinton cares about human beings and U.S. citizens when she helped Suze Orman plunder the poor and middle class with a highly orchestrated blatantly fraudulent prepaid debit card scam, for which Rosen even arranged infomercials at the National Press Club, the NCLR, all over CNN and other media venues, and in poverty conferences. Rosen is a best friend of Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who has paid Rosen hundreds of thousands of dollars for her dirty strategies for the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaigns. Rosen also has Elizabeth Warren, Tavis Smiley, and Michael Moore in her pocket, as  you'll see at around 42 minutes into the film.

Click here to read some of Hilary Rosen's emails with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and others at the DNC in the July 22 posting of emails by Wikileaks.

Note that even after Rosen, Warren, Moore, Smiley, and other members of the cabal helped protect Suze Orman from prosecution for her financial crimes against the poor and middle class United States citizens and for intentionally damaging the US economy, when it came time for Orman to pay the piper to the DNC, she scammed them too!



You'll find a great deal of information about Rosen's troubling shenanigans in this new book,
available to download for free as an "election special" public service offering.

Or you can click here to go directly to our film, "How Suze Orman SCAMMED the World" on YouTube.

Here is one article that points out Rosen's questionable connections
(click here to read the article)


Another interesting strand for this "democratic strategist"


I first discovered how much the so-called democratic lobbyist who is a major spokesperson and (often dirty) strategist for Hillary Clinton cares about human beings and U.S. citizens when she helped Suze Orman plunder the poor and middle class with a highly orchestrated blatantly fraudulent prepaid debit card scam, for which Rosen even arranged infomercials at the National Press Club, the NCLR, all over CNN and other media venues, and in poverty conferences.


Click Here to go directly to the "Approved" card scam section of our documentary film.



Click here to see examples of victims who were plundered by Rosen and Orman's "Approved" card scam (click on the jpg if need be to enlarge it in your browser)

Click here to read some of the more than 100 articles from financial journalists top to bottom warning their readers about Orman's prepaid card scam.


Rosen's role in Orman's damaging shenanigans showed enough additional areas of concern where I would not want to vote for anyone who is hooked into that “cabal." As someone generally aligned with democratic principles, I look at Rosen and what CNNs Chris Cuomo bravely called out as "the Orman cabal" in a similar way to how decent republicans likely look upon some of the corporations, billionaires and low integrity strategists that have hijacked and all but destroyed their party.

Many of Rosen's troubling shenanigans directed toward stopping Bernie Sanders show the same reliance on inaccurate headlines that Rosen and company used to fool the public into falling for Suze Orman's corporate sponsored schemes time after time.

On this page I will share some of what I found in hopes that journalists, politicians, and government agencies entrusted with protecting the public good will take it from here.

The CNN clip below is an example of the cabal's handiwork that took place at the same time political lobbyist and puppetmaster Hilary Rosen, who appears to be somewhat of a "democratic Koch sister," who was also representing the BP Oil spill, predatory for profit schools, Herbalife, and other troubling liaisons, was orchestrating a massive, fraudulent scam, from the National Press Club to most CNN news shows, ABC News, Good Morning America, Wendy Williams, and around 100 other media venues to plunder poor United States citizens to push a campaign of shameless blatant fraud for Orman's "Approved" prepaid debit card.

This is where the disappointing Elizabeth Warren connection became visible in my research for the SCAMMED documentary. Warren's complicity in this web of deceptions and media manipulations is probably what surprises viewers of our film the most.

In this CNN clip, you hear Orman spouting whatever meaningless words she was given to say to create big headlines that would harm Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations while pumping up Warren's public influence around the same time Warren's book was being released and Orman's predatory "Approved" card closed, keeping many users' money along the way:



At the time, Rosen was pushing for Elizabeth Warren for president, and Warren was giving credibility to con artist Orman in various ways, including a troubling appearance together on stage to discuss student debt, while Orman was being paid by what is considered by many to be the most problematic for profit school.

From the Huffington Post, a rare article that doesn't go along with Orman's schemes, as Arianna usually does:

Huffington Post: "With Senator Warren Watching, Suze Orman Denies, Admits, Rationalizes Teaching at University of Phoenix."


In this clip from our documentary film, you will see Warren and Orman giggling like schoolgirls in the same event about their extreme public influence and how much they like each other.

A year later, Rosen took on the role of protector and apologist for Clinton's presidential campaign, as she has bullied various government officials and others, creating false headlines and aspersions with the same "mean girls" style that is noticeable in many of the bad press and voting shenanigans against the Sanders' campaign.


Click here to see many more examples of Rosen's troubling liaisons, bullying and much more that I found while researching Orman's shenanigans for the documentary film


Perhaps Orman's negative press about Hillary Clinton played a role in convincing Clinton to sign whatever deal with that devil has allowed Rosen to act as Clinton's spokesperson even after Rosen orchestrated an anti-Clinton campaign a year earlier, starring her partner in crime for the "Approved" prepaid debit card scam that used Rosen's clout, Orman's penchant for lying, and our media, news, and political landscape to defraud and plunder the public.


Note: This article began as a blog post, but the scams kept coming with every glance I might have of what the scammer was up to month after month, year after year, and decade after decade. The presentation is filled with evidence of many misdeeds that have harmed individuals our country, and the world, from Orman and her troubling powerful protectors. The sections could use some additional editing, but they supply consumers, journalists and government agencies with a clearer picture and abundant documentation of what is still just the tip of the Orman Cabal, featuring the scammer herself.

Many who have known this scammer up close over the years understand the low integrity person we are dealing with and the mask of lies and damaging actions Orman has committed throughout her life, beginning with stealing money from her father's wallet every night for years, as Orman herself has admitted, to conning customers at the Buttercup Cafe, to a long string of scamming many to help start her career, filled with broken agreements, stolen money, and serious violations of those who helped this damaged person get in a position to scam the United States and the world. As someone who was conned by Orman into helping her onto the public stage at a time when she was unpublished, unknown, and deeply in debt, I have felt obliged to take time from more positive works to assemble this information for the benefit of those who have been and are still being conned by Orman's scams, shams, and shenanigans.



Although many are too afraid of Orman's powerful protectors to speak up, some journalists have delivered alarming information about Orman in their articles:

  • The Daily Beast: Can Suze Orman Save America? -- Adam Auriamma's title is a riff on the narcissistic sociopathy and delusions of grandeur Orman displays in this article, including, "I don’t question myself anymore. If I think it, I know it is true, and I don’t care what you say to me. I know my thoughts are true." In this article, Orman also claims that she deserves to win a Nobel Prize for her attempts to plunder the Philippines with her prepaid debit card scam. (Do they give Nobel Prizes for most successful scams?)

  • New York Times: Suze Orman is Having a Moment -- filled with examples of Orman's bad behavior and deceptive nature.

  • Reuters: The Troubling Fine Print of Suze Orman's Prepaid Card -- "If Orman 'hates extra fees,' as she says in the advertising, then why promote a card that's loaded with them?"  *Note that even with over one hundred articles from journalists top to bottom warning their readers about Orman's prepaid card's thirty fees from $1 to $30 a pop, none of them properly addressed the fact that Orman's shoddily run card lost users' accounts left and right and charged many undisclosed and mistaken fees, forcing users to spend big bucks on many $2 phone calls to Orman's incompetent card management and call center in the Philippines to try to get their money back. That problem continued when the card abruptly closed in 2014, keeping many users' saved funds and leaving them unable to access their own money to buy basic necessities for their families. Instead, the same media shills who have protected Orman in the past put forth the excuse that her card must have closed because it was too good a deal. This, in spite of Orman telling The Daily Beast in the link above that she already made back her millions of dollars of investment in the card within a year and a half -- bled from the backs of the poor and middle class.  Read some examples of complaints from "Approved" card users who lost a lot of money that went into Orman's pockets.

  • Forbes: Sizzling Suze -- Details some of Orman's shenanigans from early in her deceptive career, before Steve Forbes became one of Orman's protectors.

  • Fredd Blog: Suze Orman: If you take her advice, you're an idiot -- Fredd blog warned readers about Orman's shams a year before more than one hundred finance journalists, top to bottom, wrote articles to warn their readers about Orman's even more brazen "Approved" prepaid debit card fraud scheme.

  • Suze Orman and Lil Wayne: A Match Made in Heaven Forbes
    Celebrity prepaid debit cards are both hilarious and horrifying. Hilarious because they are an excruciatingly obvious ploy to feed the greed of money-bloated fame-mongers. Horrifying because they prey on the poor and financially illiterate...In their eagerness to capitalize on a trendy and morally dubious market, Suze Orman and Lil Wayne will only deepen the financial woes of the unbanked. Spread the word. If enough truth proliferates, these prepaid atrocities will succumb to the same embarrassing fate as the Kardashian catastrophe.

  • Eric Tyson, author of many finance-related "For Dummies" books has also been warning readers for years about Orman's deceptive career in his books and in this article.


Click here for information about Melissa McCarthy's April 2016 movie, "The Boss," whose main character, narcissistic sociopathic financial advisor Michelle Darnell, is based mostly on Suze Orman, plus info about George Clooney's scandal ridden financial talk show host in "Money Monster," who the film notes also describe as being based on Orman.


Here are just a few of well over one hundred articles warning readers about Orman's "Approved" card scam:

Beware of Suze Orman Card! Fox Business
"Look, by Suze’s own standards, pre-paid debit cards are a waste of money because of the fees they charge. But, to me, the problems are even bigger than that. I've been highly critical of the nation’s largest banks. But that doesn't mean I want consumers to leave the banking system.

Suze Orman Debit Card Raises Many Doubts MarketWatch
"So when the biggest name in personal finance announced “The Approved Card from Suze Orman,” you can bet that her legion of adoring fans, primed by her massive media reach, were thinking “If Suze approved it, that’s good enough for me." It isn't."

Pre-paid Debit Card: Is Orman's Evil?  CreditSense
"The bottom-line to all this noise is Suze Orman sold out what she has preached for years, for the almighty dollar. She sold out to line her pockets.

The Troubling Fine Print of Suze Orman's Prepaid Card
John Wasik, Reuters
"If Orman "hates extra fees," as she says in the advertising, then why promote a card that's loaded with them?"

Young, Gullible, and Broke: Suze Orman's Debit Card FAIL So Over Debt
"My thoughts on Suze's fee-riddled card and crappy attitude?  DENIED!"

Suze Orman Card: Rip-off or Righteous?  CBS MoneyWatch
"Most people could do better - much better - elsewhere... At the same time, she has a loyal following of people who appear willing to take her advice, no matter where it leads. In this case, her advice would lead you to buy a piece of purple plastic that comes with a load of little "gotcha" fees and few unique benefits."

Suze's Prepaid Card: Can You Afford It?
AP, ABC News, Fox, USA Today, Seattle Times, CBS

"Don't choose a prepaid card just because it's from Suze Orman."

Suze Orman, Debit Card Dealer Bloomberg Businessweek
"Orman dismisses the criticisms, saying the card reflects her understanding of people’s financial habits and needs. “I am the personal financial expert of the world,” she says. “I know what I am talking about.” Publicly, Orman lashed out on Twitter against the naysayers, calling them “small thinkers,” “idiots,” and “Suze haters.”

You Don't Need Suze Orman's Prepaid Card Personal Dividends
"In the middle of the furor surrounding Occupy Wall Support, Suze Orman has been using code like “99%” as part of her marketing blitz to drum up support. The problem that many personal finance blogger types have with the card is that Suze is marketing it as a viable alternative to banking — even for those who are able to get a checking account."

Click Here to read many more articles warning the public about Suze Orman's "Approved" prepaid debit card scam.




Still, far too many were fooled. Here are some examples of victims who were fooled by Orman's blatant, mediawide fraud (that you'll see extensively documented in our film) into thinking that putting their hard-earned money on Orman's crummy, shoddily-run "Approved" prepaid debit card would "never cost more than" $3/month, and would have any chance of improving their FICO scores, which it didn't and never could have done.



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Watch the Documentary Film here

How Suze Orman
SCAMMED the World (2016)

A comedy, tragedy, and IQ test all in one

(the main cabal section begins at 42 minutes in)


UPDATE: Watch a New Suze Sham as it Unfolds! (Originally posted in March 2015, with added updates)

The Sham of Orman’s News About Retiring from CNBC to Create a Show Called "Money Wars"

On November 25th 2014, Orman’s publicists used many of their favorite outlets that have protected Orman's scams over the years to spin her retirement from CNBC as a positive step, announcing that Suze Orman is leaving CNBC to begin a new show called "Money Wars," that currently has no producer, no expected production date, and nothing more than Orman’s word, which, as you'll see in our documentary film and article, is worth less than nothing.

If you believe there will ever be a Suze Orman show called "Money Wars," I've got a prepaid debit card to sell you that will up your FICO score, or a Money Navigator newsletter that Orman claimed would be "the only financial guide that you will ever need," (before it got busted by the SEC), where you could buy the gold that Orman insisted would be at 2100 by November 2012 before it plummeted, or take advice from a financial advisor who is mainly a financial actress, supported by corporations, banks, billionaires, ghostwriters and behind-the-scenes experts, someone who has never taken a single college course in anything finance related, who claims with narcissistic sociopathic panache, "I am the personal financial expert of the world," with a long string of Suze Orman lies, scams, shams, and shenanigans that have plundered the poor, fooled the middle class, and distorted the United States economy for the past fifteen years.

As a reluctant Suze scam expert of sorts, I can confidently predict that this elusive "Money Wars" show is nothing more than a fake “show” ruse that Orman and her co-conspirator Hilary Rosen cooked up as a headline to keep the financial press who already eviscerated Orman for plundering the public with her predatory "Approved" card scam from suggesting she was exiting CNBC in disgrace after stealing millions from the poor through her “Approved” card scam that closed down in July 2014, stealing more money from card users on the way out.

Here is Orman praising herself with a pseudo-announcement that was picked up by many media outlets:


On November 25th 2014, Orman’s publicists used many of their favorite outlets that have protected Orman's scams over the years, often publishing lies, sponsored proclamations or press releases as bonafide articles. This time, the BS headline machine was set in gear, with a noncommittal nod from Telepictures, to spin Orman's upcoming retirement from CNBC as a positive step. The big announcement was that Suze Orman is leaving CNBC to begin "Money Wars," a five day a week television show that currently has no producer, no expected production date, no distribution plan, and nothing more than Orman’s word, which, as you'll see in our documentary film and article, is worthless. "Money Wars" will surely fall into the same black hole that gobbled up Orman's Approved card scam, Money Navigator Newsletter scam, Gold Rush scam, and all the others that you'll see detailed in our film and article, which are still just the tip of this iceberg.

Click here to see search results for thousands of headlines quickly generated by Orman's publicists about her leaving CNBC for "Money Wars."

I can confidently predict that Orman’s "Money Wars" show will never happen, whether Telepictures thinks they're going to be one day distributing this show, or whether they -- like other corporations such as TransUnion that have been complicit in Orman's shenanigans -- are hoping for a publicity boost from the announcement, or some other financial or quid pro quo benefit.

From Variety's vague announcement about Orman's elusive "Money Wars" show that will almost surely fade into nothing and be all but forgotten by the same media venues who spread the headline, just like all her other scams, shams, and shenanigans:

"It’s not clear yet if the project will be distribbed via first-run syndication or shopped to cable outlets. The series is in the very early stages of development, meaning that it’s too soon to target a fall 2015 debut in syndication should Telepictures go that route...There’s no word yet on a producer, but Orman’s longtime partner Kathy Travis will undoubtedly be involved."  

           -- Variety: "Suze Orman to Exit CNBC for ‘Money Wars’ Series with Telepictures"


UPDATE: October 27, 2015

It's not so fun to say, "I told you so," regarding Suze Orman's scams, because that just means that more people have been fooled and plundered by her schemes in the meantime.

Nevertheless, in this October 2015 interview, Orman starts to set the stage for the next part of her "Money Wars" scam, which will be that the show will never happen. This imaginary make believe show has already served Orman's deceptive cover up purposes, giving big headlines to keep journalists from pointing out that Orman's CNBC show was ending after a whole lot of damaging scams, shams, and shenanigans that plundered the public and stole a lot of money from poor and middle class United States citizens.



Click here for the full article, including Orman bragging about how austere she is because she's recently sold three of her five homes.

UPDATE: February 23, 2016

It's another Suze Orman cabal special: using a deceptive sham involving something that sounds altruistic to escape questions about another deceptive sham that was created to protect her from receiving justice for all the other scams, shams, and shenanigans.

Orman and her PR shysters have come up with a way to slowly let the public know that there will be no "Money Wars" show after all, which was obvious from the beginning to those who were paying attention. In this case, Orman has used the United States Armed Forces to paint a pseudo altruistic picture of why she is going to change from debuting the big fake "Money Wars" television show that was never going to happen, to talking to a few army generals, taking some photos, and claiming to be serving the United States armed forces PRO-BONO!

And the army played along, because, after all, she is famous and surely made the usual kind of Suze Orman false promises that they believed. Note that as with most Orman scams, there is zero specific information about this "great work" she's supposedly going to do to "turn all of her knowledge and efforts toward the United States Armed Forces. My Suze Scamdar prediction is that she'll probably have one of the ghostwriters who writes her books and articles put some ditty together for armed forces members that she can slap her name and face on.

Creative scamming from the Orman cabal, to use those who have given their lives to protect U.S. citizens to cover her scams that have ripped off those same citizens for the past fifteen-plus years. 




And, wait for it... 3, 2, 1...

If she has her way, this will be the only mention by Orman about the ending of the Money Wars sham that kept journalists from reporting the real reason she left CNBC and QVC (just as none of the journalists who hosted Orman's prepaid card scam throughout the media landscape asked her a single question when the card closed after plundering poor and middle class victims who were fooled by the scheme):



A clue about what Orman will really be doing now (hint: more selling, scamming, lies and deceit):


"I'm not in this for charity. This is a business, and anybody who thinks that it’s not a business is an idiot...
I'll tell you the sources of my income -- everything I do is a source of income to me."  

                      -- Suze Orman,
  from Chicago Tribune: "Ad puts adviser's advice in question"
(from 2004, when Orman was still just a baby scammer)



UPDATE: March, 2016

No Money Wars show, but new shenanigans on Home Shopping Network


Orman used a fake TV show called "Money Wars" to justify her leaving CNBC and QVC so journalists who are either too afraid or too inattentive would make "Suze Orman's new show" the headline, instead of the fact that she was leaving those venues after committing blatant fraud across the media landscape with her "Approved" card, as decried by our film and many financial journalists top to bottom.

Being a Suze Scam expert due to experiencing this deceptive grifter firsthand, I knew immediately that there would be no such show, and that Orman was never even thinking there would be. So I created an adjunct to this article to explain why and provide evidence that "Money Wars" was just one more headline-fueled Suze scam.

Around the same time that CNBC let Orman go, QVC finally got rid of their financial scammer, after getting a whole lot of one star reviews for her flawed products and coming to our page numerous times. Now, Home Shopping Network's president Bill Brand (who I knew as a more intelligent guy than to do something like this when we worked together at KCAL-TV) has made the unfortunate decision to bring the Suze Scams to HSN, including her usual sweepstakes/contest shenanigans that have brought questions in the past of if they were ever actually given and to whom such as her $50,000 Money Class contest with an announcement that certainly smells like lying Suze running another deception. Oprah also got slammed for using a tricky tweet to fool her followers into thinking she was going to give them more money:

Hollywood Reporter: Oprah Winfrey Plugs Suze Orman's 'Money Class' With Tricky Tweet

MTV: Twitter Reacts to Oprah's Money Giveaway Tease

But were these widely touted prizes even paid? And if so, were they paid to random viewers or not? Throughout her media appearances, Suze pitched watching her show as a way for viewers to win money by taking a quiz at the end. Part of the contest was for viewers to submit an essay about what they like most about Suze's show (also giving Suze Orman and Co. the right to do anything she wants with their laudatory essays of praise for Suze).

Based on quite a few searches that brought guests to this page, some apparently think the prizes may not have been actually given properly to contest entrants, which is not surprising based on this clip where Suze rattles off a few first names with her usual deception mode style that certainly set off my "Suze-Scamdar." 


Read a whole lot of one star reviews at QVC about the similar product HSN is now letting Scamming Suze peddle to their customers


Go to Home Shopping Network's new Orman page where Orman and HSN are bribing viewers to watch the show and buy her crummy product with a sweepstakes, as if spending money to enter a sweepstakes is good financial advice.  Note that one way to enter Orman's sweepstakes is to buy her $54 product that got a whole lot of one star reviews on QVC.

Before Orman's HSN product even went on sale, her Home Shopping Network product page was filled with five star reviews, each with the revealing disclaimer that, "Person received free product as part of an internal program,"  which indicates that they were written by Home Shopping Network employees as part of their job -- more Suze deceptions!

Watch Orman's Home Shopping Network promo, beginning with these narcissistic BS words from the SCAMMER herself: "What sets me apart is that I speak in truths, not just words."

Update: In the April 2016 comedy movie "The Boss," Melissa McCarthy will portray a money hungry narcissistic sociopath who is based mostly on Suze Orman


In the April 2016 comedy movie "The Boss," Melissa McCarthy portrays a money hungry narcissistic sociopath who is based mostly on Suze Orman


From the Washington Post, December 2015:


In “The Boss” trailer, you hear McCarthy's character brag about being the wealthiest woman, but near the beginning of the documentary film, “How Suze Orman SCAMMED the World,” you see the real Suze Orman bragging about her extreme wealth being well over fifty million dollars (with I'm sure much of it stored in her favorite vacation spot, the Cayman Islands).

Unlike Darnell, Orman is bragging about the net proceeds of her scams to a class of low-income at-risk teens, who let their opinion of her distasteful behavior be known. This is just one of many examples of why, as terrible a person as Melissa McCarthy’s narcissistic sociopath caricature Michelle Darnell may be, the reality of Suze Orman as seen in “How Suze Orman SCAMMED the World” is far worse, although at least the spoofed Orman pays for her crimes with some jail time.

Now, which one is worse?


The "Money  Monster" Movie

In May 2016, comes another attempt by Hollywood to expose the kind of corruptions that have enabled Suze Orman to cause serious damage to the poor, the middle class, and the United States economy.

Here are examples of unhappy Suze Orman victims who might also like to finally get justice, at least from government agencies that are entrusted with protecting the public.





2015: How Orman conned New Age publisher Hay House into continuing her shams

In her apparent quest to corrupt all trustworthy media sources (watch the documentary film, where you'll see Orman's scams and shams being pushed by Juju Chang, John King, George Stephanopoulos, Arianna Huffington, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Ali Velshi, Michael Moore, Tavis Smiley, Wendy Williams, and Oprah Winfrey), Orman has now given new age publisher Hay House control of her products and social media. Even after all the evidence of Orman's fraudulent schemes, new age publisher Hay House fell for the big bucks, and is now in charge of Orman's media and products, using their good name to continue perpetrating her damaging schemes. Now Hay House is offering a "free course" that requires signing up for Suze Orman emails, and in exchange, participants get to watch video clips of Orman reading from a teleprompter while wearing many different colored jackets, a gift Hay House says they will charge over $60 to view after the two day free email harvesting, Hay House media marketing blitz.

Suze Orman's address is now the Hay House address.


Using quotes from Orman's ghostwritten books, they've created Hay House style graphic illustrations and are now posting these and other quotes on Orman's Facebook and social media pages, with only occasional posts from Orman enjoying her retired life by catching other kinds of beautiful beings on her hooks. It is pretty easy to tell which posts are Orman's vs. Hay House, just as it was previously easy to see which Twitter messages were posted by Orman's CNBC executive producer before her show ended -- the intelligent sounding posts with proper grammar and punctuation are usually not the ones posted by Orman. Now those who have already been fooled by Suze Orman time and time again, plus new Hay House customers, are being fooled into thinking that it is Orman who wrote and is posting these financial edicts, as they post their responses and questions on the Facebook page of what is now a facade of a facade. It's "Weekend at Bernie Madoff's," with Hay House proping up the corpse of the Suze Orman facade.

In July 2015, the Hay House people who post items on Orman's Facebook wall that fool her fans into thinking these posts are by Orman, posted a link to what should have been an embarrassing article that one would assume Orman herself would have never linked to -- one of many articles in which Orman disguised an infomercial for her fee laden, predatory prepaid card that stole lots of money from users. The card closed one year after this article was originally published, stealing more money from victims on the way out. That was one year before Hay House's media department posted this infomercial in disguise for a predatory product that had already completed it's plundering scam on Orman's Facebook page as supposedly trustworthy advice for parents. This outdated predatory article was hosted on Louise Hay's Hay House "Heal Your Life" website, which in this case would more appropriately be called, "get fooled into screwing up your finances and pouring money into Suze Orman's pockets." 

In the comments on the Facebook post, you'll see that at least a few were paying enough attention to see that Orman was using the article to pitch her card, but in spite of nearly 200 articles warning the public about Orman's "Approved" card scam, none of her Facebook followers seem to realize the card she is pitching was panned by finance journalists top to bottom and has already gone bust. Most of Orman's fans are already so used to ignoring the obvious that they just give her infomercial a thumbs up and laudatory praise, sharing the troubling link with their own Facebook friends, just as Orman fooled the poor and middle class into using social media to spread her original prepaid card scam to their friends and families

Update: Hay House discovered from complaints or perhaps our article that Orman's fraudulent, now defunct prepaid card was being pitched in Orman's predatory article on Hay House's "Heal Your Life" website. Did they deal with the fact that they are now representing and covering up the criminal behaviors of a con artist, or did they just delete the fraudulent section and continue on with their goal of faking posts "by" Suze Orman that are little more than rehashes of her mostly ghostwritten previous articles that were intended to engender trust from the same public Orman scammed with her cards and other damaging schemes.

Orman's official mailing address is now the Hay House address. Her email blasts are sent out by Hay House with Orman's name on it, similar to how Orman also has put her face on many other products that she took credit for, including the Money Navigator Newsletter, which she finally admitted to doing nothing more than putting her face on for more than 50% of the profits once the Newsletter got in trouble with the SEC, putting forth new lies about her involvement, to the chagrin of her business partner.

Click here for more info on Orman's newsletter scandal and her associated gold "pump and dump" that improperly took millions from the pockets of the poor and middle class.

Now Hay House has more than doubled the price of Orman's products and obviously agreed to run the Orman machine without even needing Orman's participation. This is just one more sham upon the bigger sham of Orman's "financial expert" career, and a black eye to Hay House and Louise Hay, as they spout positive affirmations while corrupting what had previously been a respected company to push this con artist sociopath to their trusting fans.

Click here to read an abundance of additional documentation about more Suze Orman scams, shams, and shenanigans


Note from the filmmaker: 

Thank you for taking time to view this presentation. As you saw in the beginning of the film and via the links below, most of my creative works are focused on bringing more positive education and spiritual light to the world through my books, including Secrets of Spiritual Happiness, and Spirituality For Dummies, audio recordings, including the Diamond Sutra and Bhagavad Gita sung in English, and inspiring films, including, "Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk."

This project brought a unique challenge to my door. It required me to put personal responsibility and care for this world above my own concepts about being spiritual and preferences to not be overly critical about others, certainly not in such a public way.

I had to take time from more uplifting projects to focus precious creative energy on someone I had long ago hoped to never have to see or hear again. I hope and pray that these efforts will bring justice to all involved and encourage more conscious, intelligent, and dharmic actions, including from those who are shown in the film pushing Suze's scams, shams, and shenanigans.


Best wishes on your path.


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